New Year equals a new you, right?

By Emma Arnold

We all do it. We think that miraculously on that dreary, hung-over, first day of January we will change and become the ‘new you’.

Why do we wait until that date to decide to change our diet, quit smoking or join the gym? Surely if we really wanted to make these changes we would do it right now, and stop waiting until after all the fun of Christmas, excess food and over-indulgence.

Even if your new year’s resolution starts swimmingly – you avoid the remains of the Christmas chocolates, you sign up to the gym, you buy the nicorette patches – chances are it’ll have dwindled back to normality by around Valentine’s Day. The fact is we have to be realistic with our goals. Think about it; what’s the point of deciding to make a change in your life if you’re only going to keep up with it for a month or so, if that.

The healthy living experts say it takes about 21 days for your New Year’s resolution to become a new habit. So, if you actually do want to do it, you have to stick to it. Let’s be honest, the resolutions we make have to be reasonable. We can’t all miraculously turn into Megan Fox younger, hotter twin or Brad Pitt’s muscle-clad brother by the time we reach February.

I suppose we wait until the New Year to become the ‘new you’ as it’s a fresh slate, a clean palette. But who, reading this, actually knows anyone who has made a New Year’s resolution and kept it? I know I haven’t. Even little things like “I promise to take more photos of the people I love” or “I should really stop biting my nails”, they still end up being just something in the back of your mind which you think you should do, but never get round to.

Maybe I’m just being pessimistic towards the whole New Year’s resolution thing, having never really kept, or even tried to keep, one myself. If you have something you really want to change; then try to do it, and stick to it until it becomes natural. But if it’s just a resolution for the sake of it, I say, don’t bother.

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