Some might say… – 25/03/2011

By Barrie White

Evil cats, delicious smelling men and superstar dogs have all hit the Manchester headlines this week.

Here in MM’s weekly ‘Some Might Say…’ we take a light-hearted look at some of the week’s biggest news and sport sound bites…


“We could have touched the lives of tens of millions of kids across the world.”

Manchester City community worker Eddie Afekafe, who spoke at the presentation of England’s 2018 World Cup bid, speaks of the disappointing consequences of its subsequent failure.


“Just been on a walk&may (sic) I commend the men of Manchester on their various aftershaves. Delicious!”

Being Human star Sinead Keenan tweets her compliments to men in Manchester on their hygiene after taking a stroll through the city.


“It’s not as if I was trying to insure a high-powered sports car. I was gobsmacked.”

Salford student Jake Redshaw after it was revealed he had been quoted £32, 819 to insure his new £3,000 Vauxhall Corsa.  


“We thought he was an evil cat.”

Cat strangler David Hanson explains to a magistrate why he suffocated his cat Felix after suspecting it had killed two kittens.


“She said wasn’t trying to bribe an official.  As is custom, she was trying to gain good luck by passing over money in a red envelope.”

L-test driver Jon Su later admitted she had tried to bribe an official as she prepared to take her fifth driving test.


“I think it’s a slap in the face for people on low incomes and for people who are working to make ends meet.”

Salford and Eccles MP Hazel Blears bypasses irony as she reacts to Wednesday’s Budget announcement.


“That dog has been in more five-star hotels than I have!”

Jodi Albert, wife of Westlife superstar Kian Egan who played Manchester this week, on the luxurious life led by their Maltese Terrier, Prince.


“This sad fall from grace was entirely self-inflicted.”

Lord Igor Judge, the Lord Chief Justice, commenting on refusing to cut former Bury North MP David Chayter’s prison sentence for fiddling his parliamentary expenses.


“It’s the one game that makes you wish you were still playing.”

Manchester United star Ryan Giggs briefly considers coming out of international retirement ahead of the Wales v England game Euro 2012 qualifier at the Millennium Stadium.


“On my way to Manchester.  Spent a lot of time there in the late 1980s.  Love the place, hate the football teams.  Sorry.”

BBC business editor Robert Peston tweets his thoughts on Manchester.


“A lot of my music reflects my background and upbringing in Moss Side.  I know first-hand that it’s a tight-knit neighbourhood.”

Blue star and Eurovision hopeful Simon Webbe talks about how his Manchester uprbringing has inspired his music.


“And we’re all in love, and that’s the first time ever- there’s always usually one of us in trouble.”

Guy Garvey, frontman of Manchester band Elbow on why the band chose staying at home and writing a new album over touring.

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