Hottest day of the year so far: Manchester’s temperature soars above Lisbon, Rhodes and Tripoli

By Kevin Benson

As Britain basks in glorious sunshine on the hottest day of the year so far, MM took to Manchester streets to soak up the atmosphere.

Crowds gathered, people baked and ice creams melted as glorious sunshine poured over Manchester today.

Temperatures soared to a blistering 26C, bringing thousands of sun-worshippers out into Manchester’s communal areas to relax and enjoy the wonderful weather.

Manchester was officially hotter than Tripoli, today, with the recently liberated Libyan capital only managing a meagre 24C.

The hot weather is by no means unusual for this time of year, but by comparison on this day last year temperatures were rather cooler at only 17C, according to the Met Office.

It seems however, that parts of Europe haven’t fared too well today in the sunny stakes, with Lisbon only recording a high of 23C and Rhodes a high of 22C.

Explaining why we are enjoying such hot temperatures a Met Office spokesman said: “Warm air from the continent has been drawn up to the UK, bringing us warm temperatures.

“There’s also a high pressure system to the east of the UK which is influencing our weather, bringing relatively clear skies, allowing the sunshine (which is strong at this time of year) to heat up temperatures.”

The hottest place in the UK today was Hurn, Dorset where temperatures reach a scorching 27.7C

In Spinningfields, the mojito bar run by The Alchemist sold almost ten litres of Strawberry Daquiri’s to thirsty sunbathers.

Angela Brentnall, 27, said: “The weather is absolutely gorgeous today, it’s like being in a foreign country.”

Piccadilly Gardens was packed out with people, young and old, with many people opting for a soaking in the fountains to cool off.

The good news is that the weather is going to stay with us through the weekend and into the middle of next week.

Typically however, it won’t last, as the Met Office predicts more unsettled weather by Wednesday.

A Met Office spokesman said: “While it will remain warm over the weekend, it’s unlikely to be quite as warm as it is today, and temperatures will drop ever so slightly as we go into next week.”

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