Review: High Contrast @ Warehouse Project – 22/10/11

By Mihaela Ivantcheva & David Wright

Saturday night saw the return of Hospitality at WHP as Manchester prepared for one of its most talked about events.

Though, the hype didn’t faze the crowd as Store Street delivered a sell-out night with everyone geared up for Hospital’s Hi Contrast.

It was one of the evenings marked by WHP with high-profile act Lincoln Barrett – otherwise known as High Contrast – as the Welsh drum & bass producer invaded the DJ scene ten years ago and in no time changed the face of drum & bass by mixing old as well as new hits.

But before the headliner, a long series of warm-ups, most notably Brazilian DJ Marky – brought into the scene in 1999 when he was awarded “Best New DJ” by the UK music critics.

Definitely the liveliest of the warm-ups and certainly got the best reaction from the crowd with MC Wrec’s animated performance. The duo jam packed everything into their one hour set, but it was obvious they were only a warm-up for the long awaited headliner.

It would be fair to say the crowd were happy to see the back of them, not because it was a bad performance, but knowing it was only two more hours until Lincoln Barrett was the centre of attention.

Cue then, High Contrast. The Welsh Wonder brought the restless crowd alive alone with his presence, the drum & bass beats being an added bonus; highly contrasting to the previous performances.

HOSPITALITY HEADLINER: High Contrast’s Lincoln Barrett get’s the crowd going

The soft tribal voice of MC Dynamite combined with Barrett’s soul-touching drum & bass gave the perfect ambience. Even the smoke could not blur the synchrony of tunes – clear and intoxicating.

Although Barrett was sporting a t-shirt with the slogan ‘Outsider’, he was far from it with the crowd chanting his name across the underground venue.

Playing songs such as ‘Music is Everything’, ‘Passion’ and ‘What’s the Story’ it was not difficult to win over the crowd. The beats of ‘Booyaka’ caused a wave of screams that competed with the volume of the drum & bass.

Concentrating, barely visible behind the shinning Hospitality board, Barrett was pulling the strings and setting up Dynamite with a great background. Barrett stayed behind the decks leaving the MC to perform and comprise more soul with his voice.

It was an hour of indulgence for everyone. Naturally the crowd wanted more and was gifted a couple of extra tunes before he left the stage. It did not matter who came after that, the crowd was ready for anything after High Contrast and Dynamite’s electric performance.

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