Review: Get away from it all… relax and recuperate with Manchester’s Bali Health Lounge sumptuous massages

By Natasha David-Hilton

When you think of the ultimate relaxing destination, you probably don’t conjure up the image of Manchester’s hustling and bustling city centre.

But MM found out why maybe you should.

The Bali Health Lounge – a day spa just a short walk from some of the city’s busiest streets – has just launched its autumn range of treatments, guaranteed to beat those winter blues.

And what better way to resist the urge to hibernate than with the Bali Signature Energising Ritual?

This 90 minute treatment uses a scented herbal poultice, filled with natural herbs and ingredients, that is steamed before being soothingly pressed all over you.

Within minutes your body has a wonderful warmth spreading all over it as the heat from the poultice softens and melts the knots away from your tired and aching muscles and the potent scent of the herbs help you to unwind and relax.

This technique has been used in Thailand since the 14th Century and has remained unchanged – and you can feel why.

A deep tissue massage using the palms, thumbs and elbows is then used to loosen your muscles and stimulate blood circulation – though don’t be afraid to say if the pressure is a little too hard, nobody should be leaving a massage bruised, and hard can mean really hard!

The oils in this signature massage is a special blend of blue ginger, to improve circulation, protecting the heart and energise, sweet orange to help recover energy levels and  naturally cooling peppermint.

The treatment is listed in the Bali Lounge menu as being ‘perfect for those who need to re-energise’ but I can’t say I felt full of energy when I left; I felt soothed, calm and like every knot in my body had been perfectly coaxed out. So relaxed in fact, that it was an effort to get home.

The next day, however, I could move with much more ease as the tension from my neck, shoulders and back were magically gone.

As part of the treatment you are even given your poultice to take home, with special instructions on how to re-create your own massage or use the poultice in other ways to take the experience home with you, which was a lovely touch.

And as you leave the tranquil spa and its panpipe music behind you suddenly find yourself back in the heart of Manchester and wondering how you ever managed to feel so serene in a city so busy.

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