Warning! ‘Goriest film ever made’ Braindead to give horror fans early Halloween treat at Cornerhouse

By John Paul Shammas

‘The goriest film ever made’, also known as Braindead, is to give Manchester horror fans an early Halloween treat tomorrow night at Cornerhouse.

Back in 1992, before he was the Oscar-winning toast of Hollywood, Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong) released the ultra-low budget horror-comedy ‘Braindead’.

This visceral and hysterically outing, which proudly boasts its roots in Sam Raimi’s ‘The Evil Dead’ series, was dubbed one of the goriest films of all time upon release, but the real charm lies with how its tongue is kept firmly in-cheek.

The story follows an awkward young man attempting to hold down a relationship with his sweetheart whilst concealing his local community from the fact that his domineering mother is a flesh-eating zombie.

What follows will have you wailing with laughter, laughter which will be accompanied with a generous helping of blood and guts.

Upon revisiting ‘Braindead’, it’s striking what an all-encompassing, charmingly daft ride of a movie it is.

Our young leading man simply wants to live a quiet, simple life, but within an hour of the films running time, we are treated to zingers such as “Your mother ate my dog!” alongside a kung-fu priest.

In short: it’s a real blast.

Tomorrow night, make sure you celebrate Halloween early and steer clear of whichever monotone ‘Paranormal Activity’ movie the studios are forcing down our throats at the local multiplex, and get to Cornerhouse to watch a genuine treat of a horror-movie.

The screening is at 23:00, book your tickets for tomorrow night right here.

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