First & Last… with Atomic Kitten’s Liz McClarnon

By Kathryn Cummings

Liz McClarnon is a pop singer, dancer and television presenter.

She is most famous for being part of the girl group Atomic Kitten, who had three UK number one singles and two UK number one albums. After leaving the band in  appeared on ITV reality show ‘Celebrity Love Island’ and was also the presenter of ‘Hotter Than My Daughter’. She will be the face of a new Tesco range to come out in May.

With everyone catching the royal wedding bug this week, Liz has filmed a three part royal extravaganza called ‘How to Nab a Prince’ hosted by Patsy Kensit which begins tonight on Sky Living at 8pm.

Here’s how she fared in MM’s quick-fire quiz…

First CD you owned?

My first actual CD was Boyzone.

Last film you saw?

Labyrinth, and I’ve seen it in the cinema four times!

Last visit to Manchester was for?

A hen party! So I don’t remember much!

First Mancunian you’d choose to spend the day with?

Jenny Frost…I don’t see her enough.

Last Mancunian you’d choose to spend the day with?

Liam Gallagher…only because…what would we talk about?! Err…

First thing you think of when someone says ‘Manchester’ to you?

Great night out!

It’s your last day on earth and you are in Manchester – what do you spend it doing?

Ben on stage at the MEN

Desert island disc?

Michael Buble ‘It’s Time’.

Desert island drink? (water provided)

A Cosmopolitan

Last book you read?

The Power

First club/bar you visited in Manchester?

The Living Room 

Last holiday you went on?

A cruise around the Med.

City or United?


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POP PRINCESS: Liz McClarnon has filmed a three part extravaganza called ‘How to Nab a Prince’ for the royal wedding

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