Drinks Enthusiast: Northern Quarter plays host to The Liquorists wonderful Whisk(e)y Trail

By David Marsland, Drinks Enthusiast

MM columnist and Drinks Enthusiast, David Marsland, ventures into The Liquorists’ lair as Northern Quarter hosts The Whisk(e)y Trail…

Last night was the next installment of The Liquorists much acclaimed spirit trails, with this month incorporating world whiskey. 

Following the same concept of their rum trail, we were to be enjoying five different spirits, five different cocktails in five different bars accompanied by five different light bite appetizers.

Sound daunting? Challenge accepted!

Starting the night in Manchester’s Northern Quarter mecca Socio Rehab, we gathered in the bar’s side room and the 14 strong group were welcomed with drams of Woodford Reserve.

Barry, of Epernay fame, would be our host for the evening, and after a brief introduction, explained to us why the night would be starting with a bourbon feel. Whilst guiding us through the history of whiskey, a round of Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned were handed out along with Florentines to contrast with. 

No sooner had the rocks glass been emptied before we were making our way across the street to our next venue, Trof.

Jim Beam Black was the choice of spirit as we made our way upstairs to their dedicated whiskey room.

To go with the dram of Jim Beam, pieces of Frankfurter with aleoli and pork crackling were going down a storm, whilst 1940′s style tea cups were handed to us containing the classic recipe of a Mint Julep – a simple recipe of bourbon, mint and sugar.

Apotheca was the next port of call, with the popular venue which has graced many previous trails offering us a double helping.

Treated to a dram of Yamazaki 12 year, which has now been discontinued, was a highlight for the night as well as myself. Our main offering though was the Scotland based Auchentoshan and an Auchentoshan Three Wood Sour to enjoy. 

After visiting three homes of whiskey, Ireland showcased itself next in the form of Jameson’s at our fourth venue, Noho.

Nestled in the corner of the sizeable venue, bowls of cheese and caramel popcorn were being eaten like their was no tomorrow, whilst sipping on drams of Jameson’s and its cocktail equivalent Basil Smash which had a dash of Tabasco to wake the senses.

Our last bar for the night was in the ever popular Home Sweet Home where the number one came out – Jack Daniel’s. Accompanied with a juicy burger to help soak up the night’s tipples, it was a rather fitting end to a great insight into the world of whiskey.

The treat of Yamazaki 12 year was a personal highlight, with the need to visit both Trof and Noho again to experience more of their offerings!

The next event in The Liquorists calendar is the return of the Gincident. To put it plainly – lots of gin and cocktails on a barge. Bring it on!

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