Passion for poker? Three quick tips to improve your game ahead of Christmas

By Mancunian Matters

If you are looking for a past time that can actually have you earning money for the coming Christmas, have you ever thought about giving online poker a go?

Most of you might think that taking up a game that you don’t normally play too much will take too long before you become good enough to actually make any money before Christmas, however, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Of course, when you start out you do not want to go overboard and risk big chunks of your money on the higher stakes rooms, however online poker sites actually offer very low stakes games called ‘micro stakes.

These stakes are literally for pennies, 1 or 2 pence at a time. This means that you will quickly be able to learn in a session here and there for the cost of a pint. Eventually you will quickly realise that the players you are up against are not of a very high standard, which is pretty logical really as if they were they certainly wouldn’t be grinding away on the micro stakes tables.

If you are one of those people that are quick learners and are naturally gifted in games of strategy and skill, you may find that you are way above these players over a quick period of time and could start to earn yourself five or ten pounds in a single session. If you can do that, it may be worth upping the stakes a little to maximise your earnings.

Whatever level you are, there are some basic tips you should take on board before attempting to earn some money playing online poker at sites like

1. There really is just a few play styles that are common on the poker table, there are the players that are patient and want to give themselves the best chance of winning hands by waiting for a good starting hand, whilst there are the other types of players that like an all-action game and play almost every hand and try to steal pots. Establish Your Play Style.

Your style will in most cases come naturally to you, but you should always look at ways to improve on it.

2. This is extremely important for the learning process with regards to poker. You can learn how the better players play their hands and maximise their winnings, whilst you can also learn exactly how a certain player likes to play on your table. The information learned from your opponents can give you little ideas on just how to beat them. Learn From Your Opponents.

3. Take the whole learning process slowly, and don’t be put off if you have a bad day. You will get better and you will earn the small money you lost back over time if you concentrate on improving your game and minimizing the mistakes you made beforehand. Take it Slowly.

With those three basic tips in mind, you could find yourself earning a little bit extra Christmas money this year, and even if you don’t, you will not have lost too much. You can still continue after Christmas and gradually improve your game so you are at a level where you can start to make some good money in your spare time.

Mancunian Matters advocate sensible playing and gambling, and these tips should only be taken as fun. Visit Gamblers Anonymous here for more information on how to gamble safely.

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