MM welcomes new columnist DJ Andy Shef… exploring Manchester’s underground electronic music scene

By Mancunian Matters staff

Mancunian Matters are pleased to introduce one of Manchester’s rising house DJs Andy Shef – whose new regular column will explore the thriving, if at times sweaty, world of Manchester’s underground electronic music scene.

Shef will be leading us through the side streets and down the stairs into Manchester’s best basements to delve into what drives this city’s flourishing music community.

Focusing on Manchester’s lesser known, though up & coming, DJs, producers, promoters and venues, Shef’s column will also look at music technology and the latest tracks that are flicking his switches.

If you’re yearning for an alternative to the corporate Manchester clubbing experience, you’ve found the right place.

Biography: Andy Shef

Although immersed in the underground house music scene for the last decade, Andy Shef is now taking the fun of DJing and producing more seriously. 

June 2012 marks a significant point when Andy puts the day job on hold to study music production & sound engineering at Manchester Midi School, enabling him to build on his studio skills and take his productions to the next level. Exciting times!

Andy’s passion is for the deeper spirited side of house, encompassing a range of styles from moody atmospheric grooves to beautiful melodic sounds, sometimes progressive, sometimes edgy tech house, even disco at times, all depending where the night and the crowd want to go. 

But let’s be honest, trying to describe music with words is like describing the colour blue to a blind man, so get the headphones ready because each column will feature something to have a spin of.  (In fact, for a sneak preview, visit here and hit ‘play’.)

Early influences of garage, drum & bass and the trance days of the weekly Gatecrasher era at Republic all show through in the house music he now plays.

Andy can be found playing in his new home of Manchester, having done his first club gig at Fac251.  He also guest DJs at Headspace in London, La Vela in Trevignano, Italy and is closing in on the launch of a new weekly club night in Manchester, so watch this space…


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