Piccadilly Pulse: Should Britain have stricter dog laws?

By Mark Shales

Days after a Wigan girl was mauled to death by dogs in her friend’s home, questions have arisen about the laws governing dangerous British canines.

Jade Anderson was attacked by two Staffordshire bull terriers, a bull mastiff and an American bulldog while eating a meat pie on Tuesday.

And after some MPs have called for urgent reforms of Britain’s dog laws, MM took to the streets to ask the city’s opinion.

Should Britain have stricter dog laws?


Ron Marsden, 70, a retired Psychiatric social-worker from Didsbury, said: “I don’t think any law is going to make much difference really. The issue problem isn’t necessarily about banning certain breeds, I think owners need to have a more responsible attitude.”

Megan Buckley, 17, a Tameside student, said: “The laws need to be changed but people have to be careful about putting down dogs. People shouldn’t just go around shooting animals.”

Mark Harrison, 27, a surveyor from Bury, said: “As far as I know they’re pretty good how they are. There needs to be better enforcement though, it seems to me that there are subtle way to get around the law.

Isatou Fall, 31, a marketer from Stockport, said: “One of my neighbours owns a big dog and it scares the hell out of me. In my experience most dangerous dogs are owned by people on benefits who don’t take care of them. People need to take care of their dogs, feed them and not leave them hungry on their own.”

Karen O’Hogan, 42, an administrator from Denton, said: “It’s frightening what happened to that poor little girl this week. My sister’s got a Staffordshire bull-terrier and I’m terrified of that dog. I won’t even go to parks if there are dogs off leads.”

Michael Poole, 34, an engineer from Salford, said: “I think it’s more a case of nurture over nature. There should be better guidelines available on how people should treat their animals properly.”

Ash Kershaw, 22, Bricklaying student at Wythenshawe Colleg,e said: “I think dangerous dogs should all be banned outright. I’m originally from Staffordshire and there are people round there who cross pit-bulls. The problem is a lot of them are just brought up in the wrong way so I think something needs to be done. 

Matthew Dixon, 26, a retail assistant from Rochdale, said: “I think England needs to be proactive really, not reactive on the issue.

Daryl Holt, 45, a cauterising assistant from Openshaw, said: “There are far too many dangerous dogs about. The current laws in place are obviously not working, so I think something needs to be done by the government.”

Image courtesy of theclockis1540 via YouTube, with thanks.

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