Mancunian Matters reporters do their bit for MOvember: The embarrassing pictures

By Alex Bysouth

Mancunian Matters reporters have been doing their bit for MOvember this month, attempting to grow ridiculous facial hair with the aim to raise awareness of men’s health issues.

Some efforts have provided the chance to tease and mock one another, but beneath the fan’tache’tic pun opportunities lies a serious cause.

Back in November 2003 only 30 Mo Bros in Australia participated, and one year later news of the MOvement had spread and a not-for-profit organisation was formed.

In recent years MOvember has been embraced right across the globe with more than 1.9million Mo Bros, and even Mo Sistas, taking part and 2011 efforts raising £79.3million towards men’s health issues.

THE MOVEMBER TEAM: Reporters Michael, Sam, Alex, Paddy, Olly and Dr. Phil

Movember and Sons tag line is ‘changing the face of men’s health’ which, in essence, the challenge of growing a moustache for 30 days achieves.

“The Mo is Movember’s ribbon; it’s the catalyst for change,” says the official website.

For us in the office, MOvembering became a competition, not just as to who could raise the most money, but also as to who was man enough to grow the most profound facial hair.

‘Lad’ credentials were put to the test and over the past month some made remarkable MO progress while other tache’s were seemingly lost in a strong breeze.

SMILE: Reporter Oliver Rhodes appears proud of his rather limited growth

Some attempted to sculpture bristly masterpieces in the form of handlebars, chops and Fu Manchu’s, while many were grateful for the lonely gathering of whiskers on their upper lip.

To help raise awareness, we created a twitter account to encourage followers to join us in our expedition into the unknown world of post pubescent facial sprouting.

As @Mo_Journos gathered momentum the inevitable comparison between MM reporters and celebrities began.  

MO BROS: MM’s Sports News Editor Barrie White wasn’t happy with comparisons

And after 30 days of shaving cuts, quizzical beard stroking and general all-out facial hair war, the Mo’s will tonight be hacked off.

In truth, despite endlessly complaining of rogue hairs and often discovering last night’s takeaway embedded beneath a particularly tufty patch of tache, it will be an eMOtional goodbye to our furry friends.

@MO_Journos have raised nearly £400 this month, to back the team and donate to a worthwhile cause visit

GLAD TO BE GONE: Reporter Phil Jones won’t miss his furry top lip friend

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