Manchester therapists back Prince Charles in intergrating alternative and modern medicine

By Iram Ramzan, Will De Nardo, Stuart Lewis & Barrie White

Manchester therapists are backing Prince Charles in his support for ‘complementary’ treatments after doctors called for the NHS to scrap them.

During a speech to the World Health Organisation, the Prince of Wales suggested that modern medicine should adopt a more integrated and holistic approach.

Many people use complementary therapies, from acupuncture to reflexology, to relieve stress or to solve medical problems.

Julie G. Thomason Lynch, a holistic therapist in Stretford, believes that Prince Charles is talking sense.   She even treats doctors and senior consultants.

She said: “He’s seen the way forward for a long time.

“Complementary therapies can be used from pre-natal right up to mental illnesses.”

According to the website, the number of pregnant women using complementary therapies is thought to be around 87%.

Denise Tiran, Educational Director at ‘Expectancy’, a midwife and university lecturer at Greenwich, supports compulsory training in complementary therapies for midwives.

She said: “It’s really got to the stage where midwifes have to know about this.”

However, Sue Macdonald, midwife at the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), says that complementary therapies can both help and hinder a woman in pregnancy.

She says the RCM tries to support women’s choice from a neutral stance.

“We don’t have a pro or con on this,” she added.   

“We obviously support any woman who wants to use complementary therapies but gets proper informed information in which to make her choice.” 

Faatimah Patel, of Point Acupuncture, Deansgate, has treated patients seeking complementary therapy alongside their hospital treatments.

She said: “It is quite good with pregnancy problems such as back pain, sickness, nausea, anxiety and leg pains.

“It can also help with the positioning of babies.”

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