Mancunians told filling in Census will shape future government funding

By Jonathon Chadwick

Manchester residents are being reminded that they can influence the city’s government funding for the next 10 years by completing their 2011 Census forms.

People across the city have received forms for the official once-a-decade population survey, which aims to build up detailed information of local neighbourhoods.

For making sure there are enough school places to planning hospitals and other health facilities, it’s essential that decision makers understand the city’s needs.

Sir Richard Leese, leader of Manchester City Council, said: “We’d like to remind residents that this survey is crucial to the future of the city, both in funding and planning terms. I’d encourage everyone to take the time to return their questionnaires.”

Those who haven’t already taken part in the survey are being advised to complete the forms and return them as soon as possible. Completing the 2011 census is compulsory, those who fail to do so face fines of up to £1000.

North Manchester resident Margaret Carol said: “I had no idea the forms were that important to the future of where I live, mine has been sitting on the table for weeks. I’ll be filling it in and sending it off this weekend and I’ll be telling everyone in my family to do the same.”

Information provided to the office for National Statistics (ONS) for the Census will be treated in strictest confidence and only used to produce statistics.

Personal information will not be released for 100 years when it will then become available for your decedents to research their family history.

The Census can be completed by online or by post. To find out more about the Census and what it means for you visit

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