Old Trafford Masterplan: Skyline set to be transformed with multi-million pound regeneration scheme

By Feargal Brennan

The skyline of Old Trafford is to be changed forever, as a multi-million pound urban regeneration scheme is launched – promising to improve residents’ lives in the process.

The Old Trafford Masterplan is set to create a new project of social housing, affordable private accommodation, community regeneration and environmental improvements.

However the project will not just be focusing on bricks and mortar, it will also offer local people apprenticeships with the contractors looking to implement the Masterplan.

Two of these apprentices, Corinna Dale and Jack Mitchell, joined Matthew Gardiner, Chief Executive of Trafford Housing Trust and Michael Hyman, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Economic Growth and Prosperity at the unveiling ceremony and project’s starting point, Essex Way.

Gardiner said: “The Old Trafford Masterplan will breathe new life into an area that in the past has experienced under investment. After years of planning, we are delighted to be working with the council to bring our joint vision to full fruition.

“Not only will the regeneration of Old Trafford create a modern urban community, with new homes and an improved environment, it will also link neighbourhoods and community cohesion- something local people have told us they are keen to see.”

While Hyman described the project as ‘a positive and ambitious plan being successfully delivered by the council and the Trafford Housing Trust’.

The scheme is being funded by Trafford Housing Trust and the Homes and Community Agency’s (HCA) Affordable Homes Programme, with Trafford council providing the land.

The first phase of development, undertaken by Cruden Construction, will see 62 new homes built at Essex Way- 29 houses and 33 two bedroom flats all built for affordable rent.

Refurbishment is also already under way in the high-rise tower blocks at Clifton Court, Graton Court and Pickford Court, while refurbishment is also scheduled for four tower blocks on the Tamworth estate.

Demolition is also planned for three high-rise blocks on the Tamworth estate.

Following this by 2014 the Masterplan will look to have built 100 new homes, with planning permission in place to build more houses on the Tamworth estate.

Along with Tamworth, the project will also be developing other areas in Old Trafford, some of which are amongst the most socially deprived in the UK, including Ayres Road Gateway, Hullard Neighbourhood and The Rivers Neighbourhood.

The Cliftons Neighbourhood, Shrewsbury Street, Stretford Road, Fahey’s Depot and St. George’s Gate are also set for regeneration under the Masterplan.

It is hoped that the new development will look to address some of the problems that can occur in these areas such as high unemployment levels, a high crime rate and accommodation overcrowding.

As well as aiming to improve the lives of young people in Old Trafford, the Masterplan will also improve transport links to Manchester city centre in the hope of drawing more young professionals to the area.

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