Clubbers forking out as rave night ticket prices soar

By Jade Verity

The Warehouse Project is back, and ticket prices were soaring after line-ups were annouced this week.

The gig venue, located under Piccadilly Train Station, has many dates sold out already.

Tickets with a face value of £18.50 are being sold on ebay for anything up to £55.

Vreeti Koshal, 22, a regular Warehouse Project raver, said: “I haven’t bought tickets for Warehouse Project on ebay before, but I have bought other tickets on there before.

“I reckon if you just look at the feedback a seller has, it should be fine, the tickets are expensive though.”

Their facebook fan page is flooded with people selling tickets and people trying to find tickets they want.

Entry fee varies according to the night, starting at about £15 and sometimes costs as much as £30 if an act like The Happy Monday’s is on the bill.

Frankie Foster, a ticket seller, said: “I’m selling at a marked up price, because I bought them at a marked price. The lowest I’m going is two tickets for £100 otherwise I’m losing out.”

Their website includes a list of gigs which have tickets still to be released, and ones that are, through them, completely sold out.

The Warehouse Project exploded onto the scene at the end of September 2006.

Originally held at the old Boddingtons Brewery, it closed its doors for good on New Year’s Day 2007.

The Warehouse Project has more recently taken place at Store Street.

For tickets and information on all their gigs check out

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