Award-winning Manchester comedy duo set stage for new sketch show Slaughterhouse

By Kevin Benson

An award winning Manchester based comedy production company is set to perform a brand new sketch show next Month.

‘Slaughterhouse’, written and performed by Adam Davies and James Jowett, is the duo’s first comedy sketch show.

The duo have achieved great success at the BoJazz Comedy Sketch Show at the Kings Arms in Salford and are now set to showcase their own unique hour of dark entertainment.

Mr Jowett said: “Slaughterhouse features some of our best sketches but also a lot of new stuff as well. A few of the older sketches have been reworked and there are a few little surprises in there which I think people will really enjoy.”

The sketch show will feature the duo performing acts that some may see as being ‘close to the bone’, but Mr Jowett is keen to stress that they only want to make people laugh.

He said: “I think Manchester is crying out for something like our show. It’s not tame but we are not going to lose any of our material for the sake of offending people. By the same token we don’t write to offend people.”

The double act say that they want to bring innovative and dynamic work to the screen and stage.

They said: “Whether the format is our sharp and extremely funny comedy sketches, quirky physical theatre, mime or full length plays, we strive to create new and ground breaking work each time.”

Davies and Jowett are no strangers to writing comedy, and have won awards for their work in the past.

As well as writing their own sketches, the duo also performs other published works with their own unique slant added in.

 ‘Look Back in Anger’, was a play written by John Osborne and performed by Davies and Jowett at The Martin Harris Centre, Manchester in September 2011.

The play, set in 1950’s England, followed four young post-war youths and the unravelling of their claustrophobic relationship, questioning middle class values and political revolt.

Laura Maley, of The Public Reviews said of the play: “Adam Davies as Jimmy is like a caged tiger; simmering dangerously with anger which frequently spills over.”

The performance times for Slaughterhouse are as follows:

May 11 and 12 at Joshua Brooks

May 25 and 26 at Black Lion

Tickets are priced at £4 (reserved) or £5 (on the door)

For ticket reservations please email [email protected] or phone 07970703067


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