Love Ain’t Here Anymore: Manchester says ‘no’ to the return of Robbie

by Beth Allcock

RUMOURS of a reunion between Robbie Williams and Take That have become more than tabloid tales – but the band’s home city is less than impressed that the precocious star shunned his roots for so long.

It was confirmed this week that 35-year-old Williams would join up with Gary Barlow and co at next month’s Children In Need charity show at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Although it has been branded as a ‘one night only’ special, Barlow and Williams’ professional relationship has been well documented recently, with the animosity of previous years replaced by an ever-closer partnership.  

However, Mancunian fans of the band are strongly against the suggestion that Robbie may well be Back For Good.

Kiera Kavanagh, 19, said: “I think Robbie Williams is an idiot. He left the band, and now they’re successful he just wants to join them again.”

Dan Leigh, 20, added: “I don’t think he’d fit in these days anyway. Robbie would just try and take control like before.”

ndeed, evidence suggests that the Manchester band is more popular now than they were in the days of five members.

As the boy band reach a new audience, Manchester-based fans such as Yvonne Turner, 24, believe that the current line-up is better than ever. She said: “I think they should stay as they are now, they’re doing fine on their own without Robbie.”

Reality Killed The Video Star, Williams’ first album since 2006, is set to hit the shops in Novembera dn some fans reamin true to Robbie. Taylor Reed, 17, said: “I think Robbie on his own is much better, that’s why they shouldn’t get back together.”

Indeed, although they will never forget the days when Take That were a boy band of five, fans such as Cerys McRobert, of Chorlton, are quick to point out that it is the current line-up of Barlow, Owen, Orange and Donald that rule the world.

“I saw them this time round, and I saw them when Robbie was with them, and their latest tour was undoubtedly the best.

“Maybe it’s my age, or theirs, but they’ve matured without Robbie – and it’s for the better.”

This year’s Take That’s Circus tour was the fastest-selling tour of all time, breaking all previous records with ticket sales of 650,000 in less than four and a half hours. The band played five shows in their hometown, to crowds of 50,000 at Old Trafford cricket ground in June.

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