Manchester terror suspect accused of plotting series of worldwide bomb attacks extradited from UK to US

By Dean Wilkins

A former Manchester student who allegedly plotted to launch a series of worldwide attacks was extradited to America from the UK today.

Pakistan national Abid Naseer, 26, formerly of Manchester, was one of 12 men arrested by police in 2009 on suspicion of conspiracy to bomb several targets – including Manchester city centre.

Naseer is alleged to be a member of a UK-based al Qaeda group and was today extradited to the US by Scotland Yard.

The US government want to trial Naseer for bomb plots, providng information to al Qaeda and acting as an agent for the terrorist group.

A Home Office spokesman confirmed the extradition, adding: “His case is now a matter for the US authorities.”

Naseer had been appealing extradition after the UK’s decision to deport him to Pakistan was blocked when it was believed he could be tortured, but the European Court dismissed his challenge in December.

One of the men arrested was Abu Hamza, who along with four other men also lost appeals not to be transferred to a maximum security US prison on the grounds that their human rights would be breached.

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