Revealed: One in ten Stockport residents don’t pay council tax

Exclusive by John Paul Shammas

Tax dodgers are to be ‘vigorously’ pursued, according to the leader of Stockport Council as more than 11,000 residents did not pay their council tax in 2012.

The information, obtained by MM, reveals a shocking 11,687 Stockport residents have been or are currently being pursued by the council over non-payment of council tax.

There are approximately 126,000 residences in Stockport that are subject to payment of council tax, and these figures reveal that 9.27% have not paid up.

Sue Derbyshire, the Liberal Democrat and leader of Stockport Council, said that every effort will be made to ‘vigorously collect the money’ owed.

“Whilst it is regrettable to have to use legal methods to collect [the unpaid council tax] it would be very unfair to the majority who pay on time,” the council leader told MM.

“Some residents do enter voluntary agreements after the summons has been sent and against others we obtain liability orders from magistrates.”

Of the 11,687 who have not paid their council tax, approximately 8,200 have had liability orders issued against them by a magistrate.

The news comes in the wake of residents in Stockport discovering last month that they will be hit with a 2.5% council tax increase as Stockport Council attempts to find £15.5million in savings.

Picture courtesy of wheelzwheelers, with thanks

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