LOCAL ELECTIONS 2012: Bury returning officer guarantees ‘less drama’ in this year’s count

By James McLaughlin

A Bury election official reassured spectators at tonight’s count that the result would be announced relatively early.

Returning Officer Mike Kelly said he wanted the result declared early in contrast to last year which saw three tied recounts in the Ramsbottom ward and the result decided by drawing straws the following day.

He told the crowded Castle Leisure Centre: “I can guarantee less drama than last year.”

Mr Kelly added: “I want everyone home by 2 o’clock!”

Last year the count was adjourned at around 5am following electoral deadlock in the former safe Conservative ward.

Labour’s Joanne Columbine and the Conservative’s Robert Hodkinson decided the seat by drawing lots.

Councillor Columbine drew the longest ‘straw’ and won the Ramsbottom seat, ultimately winning Labour overall control of Bury Council.

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