Hide and stuck: Boy, 5, gets head wedged in fence while playing game with friends in Stockport park

By Dean Wilkins

A game of hide and seek left a five-year-old Stockport boy with his head stuck in a fence yesterday – but firefighters came to his rescue and pulled him free.

Charlie Furnivall was playing with friends and his brother in Heaton Moor Park when he noticed the perfect hiding spot in a small electricity substation.

But while trying to push his body through the metal, his head became lodged and the youngster was distraught with panic.

Luckily, his mother Helen was on hand to notify the emergency services and crews from Whitehill came to save Charlie.

Ms Furnivall said: “He said ‘I was worried I’d never get home again’, he was calm while we were getting him out. He’ll be back at school on Wednesday.

“The firefighters were really good about letting the kids have a go in the fire engine and play with the hose afterwards. It really helped calm him down – he was a bit traumatised!”

Watch manager Geoff Bragger said: “He was playing hide and seek in the park and came to some fencing, he put his body through, but then his head couldn’t get out. It could have been a lot worse.

“He wasn’t distressed in any way. We used an air bag to bend the fence slightly and he was none the worse for wear.

“It’s not the place to play around in but he wasn’t to know.”

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