Ed Miliband unveils ‘One Nation Labour’ vision to unite country and let everyone play their part, in Manchester speech

By Dean Wilkins

A triumphant and ballsy Ed Miliband unveiled his vision for ‘One Nation Labour’ to unite the country so everyone can play their part, after taking the stage in Manchester for the second time today.

The Labour Party leader was speaking at Manchester Central on the back of his unwavering hour-long speech yesterday – in which he coined the old Conservative motto ‘One Nation’.

Miliband dispelled critics with an emphatic rallying call and while answering questions from delegates, he revealed his plans to shape the country where responsibility, society and the economy worked for everyone.

“Yesterday’s speech was important not just because it was another year and a conference speech, but because it sets a very clear direction of travel for us as a party,” he said.

“One Nation is incredibly important to us as a country and us as a party. Old Labour is not going to answer the challenges we face because it can’t stand up for the whole country.

“But nor is New Labour, because it was too silent about the responsibilities of those at the top and too timid when it comes to the vested interests of our country.”

“One Nation Labour offers us a chance to say that we are a country where everyone can play their part, where there is responsibility going right to the top of society, where no vested interest is too powerful to be taken on.

“And crucially it is a country where everyone can advance, an economy that works for all working people, not just a few.”

Miliband’s dialogue criticised the coalition’s persistent U-turning on policies, just one day before the government announced that they are scrapping the contract awarded to FirstGroup to run the Manchester to London West Coast rail line.

He also highlighted the importance of vocational education – something that he admitted his party needed to improve upon its past record.

He said: “It is understanding who we left behind as a party as well as understanding that we need to make sure responsibility goes right the way to the top.”

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