Make would-be thieves feel the chill: Cold-hearted crooks prey upon Manchester motorists de-icing cars

By John Paul Shammas

Freeze out thieves this winter by not leaving your vehicle unattended whilst you de-ice them, Greater Manchester Police are saying in light of recent thefts.

Five vehicles were reported stolen across Greater Manchester on Friday, with car-thieves pouncing on unattended, de-icing cars.

And Greater Manchester Police are reminding Mancunian motorists that by staying with your vehicle on frosty mornings as they de-ice, you could eliminate the threat of having your vehicle stolen.

Inspector Kevin Hodder for Greater Manchester Police, said: “It’s tempting for drivers to leave their vehicles with the engines running while they go indoors during the frosty mornings to keep out of the cold.

“Unfortunately however, it only takes a few seconds to steal a car with keys left in the ignition. It’s also worth motorists remembering that if they do this their insurance policies may be invalidated.”

The five thefts of yesterday morning occurred over Newton Heath, Stalybridge, Gorton and Bury, with the vehicles including a Toyota Corola, Ford Focus, Kia Picanto, transit van and Vauxhall Insignia.

“Car thief’s target all vehicles not just those that are high-powered and expensive, so please take our advice and remember to stay in the vehicle when defrosting it, and if they need to leave the car at any time they should remove all valuables, lock it and take the keys with them.”

To report crime, call the single non-emergency number on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Picture courtesy of JM3, with thanks.

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