Manchester Co-operative staff left fearing for safety as Dantzic building ransacked for cars, laptops and… shoes

By Sarah Brook

Staff members of Manchester’s Co-operative have been left fearing for their safety following a break-in which saw seven cars, three laptops and several other items stolen.

The intruders entered the Dantzic street building using a swipe card – which is only given to members of staff.

Police are still hunting the thieves, who once inside made their way around the office stealing any valuables they could find – even a pair of worn shoes.

An employee at the Co-operative Group, who wished to remain anonymous, said she was greeted with a ransacked office and several police officers on Monday morning, and admitted she is now worried about her personal safety.

“It is really frightening that someone managed to get into the building. I would not want to stay late now in the office or on my own,” she said.

“Whoever stole the cars, laptops and other items from the office was crafty and must have had good knowledge of the building.”

The woman admitted she felt fortunate her own equipment was protected, but felt the behaviour of the intruders bordered on strange.

She said: “I was one of the lucky ones who had their laptop locked away in the lockers provided.

“They clearly knew what they were doing but for some reason they stole my colleague’s old scruffy shoes.”

Co-operative staff use pool cars to attend meetings and store visits across the country, and the employee admitted how the business is run will be affected by less vehicles.

A spokesperson for the Co-operative Group said: “Intruders gained access to The Co-operative’s Dantzic building in Manchester last Saturday and stole the keys to several pool cars, which were later stolen from a nearby car park.

“A number of other items were also stolen, including three laptops.

“CCTV images have been given to the police, who are investigating, and, as with any incident such as this, we would appeal for anyone with information to come forward.”

Picture courtesy of Wiki Commons, with thanks.

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