‘Not getting my money’s worth’: Irate tram users stranded in icy conditions as Eccles Metrolink work overruns

By Jeremy Culley

Fuming commuters were left in the cold and out of the loop as planned Metrolink engineering work overran this morning.

People hoping to use the Eccles line to travel to Manchester city centre were left stranded in the morning frost as the service was delayed – despite Metrolink having promised to reopen it by Monday.

Trams were scheduled to be down on the route over the weekend – for structural engineering work – but signs informing passengers of this in advance promised that it would reopen on Monday morning.

One infuriated commuter, Jamie Collins, 22, said: “It was ridiculous.

“Nobody from Metrolink was at my stop (Exchange Quay) to tell people what was going on. It was a farce.”

Replacement bus services were provided by Transport for Greater Manchester, but these ran to Trafford Bar to link up with Altrincham routes rather than going into town, and were hardly prompt in arriving according to Mr Collins.

“About 30 of us were standing in the rain for 20 minutes,” he said.

“We could have easily walked to Trafford Bar in the time the bus took.

“I have a weekly ticket for the tram and I don’t think I’m getting my money’s worth.”

Metrolink were unable to offer an explanation as to why the work had overrun.

They said the track maintenance job – which included the complicated task of de-energising overhead lines – was being completed by engineers ‘as quickly as possible’.

Metrolink are hopeful the route will be up and running again by this evening.

Picture courtesy of Firing up the quattro

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