Manchester entrepreneurs’ business boost through StartUp Britain

By Helen Le Caplain

Manchester entrepreneurs are set to benefit from a new business package worth over £1500.

StartUp Britain, a new campaign providing support to Britain’s start-up talent, was launched last week as a response to the Government’s call for an ‘enterprise-led recovery’.  The face of StartUp Britain is a web portal which directs budding business men and women towards the best online business resources.

Co-founder of StartUp Britain, Rajeeb Dey, said: “StartUp Britain is very much a start-up itself and is developing every day.  We are keen to listen to the SME (small and medium enterprises) community and work with them to deliver the best resources and provision to boost enterprise and encourage entrepreneurial activity.”

Over 60 leading brands, including Blackberry and Microsoft, have pledged millions of pounds worth of support to new entrepreneurs under the campaign. Dr Brian Sloan, Head of Business and Economic Policy at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, was pleased with the news.  

He said: “We welcome anything that will help entrepreneurs and small business start-ups, as they are the lifeblood of our economy. Entrepreneurs innovate and explore new markets, which will be vital to the economic recovery as they will provide the businesses and jobs of the future, so they must be supported.”

Dr Martin Henery, Enterprise Academic Lecturer at the University of Manchester’s Business School, is less enthusiastic about the campaign. He believes that developing one-to-one relationships with students to encourage, challenge and support their ideas is more productive.

He said: “This garish website seems to have been a knee jerk reaction and doesn’t seem at all thought out. The StartUp Britain approach is too ‘throw them in at the deep-end and they’ll sink or swim’, and too hands off to effectively develop the individual as they develop their idea and business.”

Mr Dey is more enthusiastic about the affects of the government-supported campaign in Manchester.

He said: “We’re keen to engage with the ‘next generation’ in the North West. In five years we hope that there is a vibrant entrepreneurial culture in the UK with full support available for people wishing to embark on an entrepreneurial journey.”

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