Current Salford City Leader of the Council hints at second count for next mayor

By Mary Maguire & James Dickenson

The Labour party’s current Salford City Leader of the Council has suggested that today’s Mayoral elections are likely to go to a second vote.

“With ten candidates it’s difficult to get over 50% on the first count,” said incumbent John Merry of the race to take over the reins in Salford.

The voting system being used in the Salford mayoral elections is the Supplementary Vote System, with Mr Merry set to be replaced by a directly elected mayor.

The vote will go to a second count if no candidate secures a majority, which would then see the top two candidates go through with all of the others eliminated.

At this point second-choice votes from the electorate whose first-choices have been eliminated would then be counted. Any votes for the remaining two candidates are added to their first round totals.

The candidate who has the most votes after the second preferences have been allocated would then be declared the winner.

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