Fighting erupts between opposing party supporters outside Oldham council elections count following results announcment

By Claire Holden & Gareth Westmorland

Clashes erupted outside Queen Elizabeth Hall last night, following the Oldham council election results.

Police had to quickly step in when tensions had clearly become too much for opposing party supporters.

It is thought that a stand-off between two large crowds of supporters ensued after it was announced that the Labour party held their overall control over Oldham.

A security guard at Queen Elizabeth Hall said: “It’s all kicking off!”

The two parties were seen to be jeering, taunting, and shouting loudly at each other.

Councillors who witnessed the scene said that they found it very intimidating.

The situation was broken up by police who were on-hand, but no arrests were made.

The election count at the West Street venue was heavily policed and there was strict control of movement within the building.

The election night in Oldham has a reputation for friction between party supporters getting out of hand.

The allegiance of the party supports involved in the incident is not known.

The clash followed the results of last night’s council election, which saw a Labour success story as they gained ten seats, while the Conservatives gained just one.

Liberal Democrats came away holding their four seats, but with none gained.

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