‘He’s lost everything’: Labour mayoral candidate hits out at Lib Dem’s Norman Owen ahead of Salford results

By Najeeb Rehman & Alex McIntyre

Salford mayoral candidate Ian Stewart has hit out at Liberal Democrat candidate Norman Owen as tensions rise at the count.  

The Labour hopeful laid into Mr Owen after he criticised Labour on their spending history and claimed that they can’t be bothered to put in the work.

Mr Owen’s outburst came after he lost his seat on Salford Council to Labour’s Sue Pugh, last night.

Mr Stewart said: “Success of Labour is down to two things. It is the voters saying that we still believe Labour is the correct party to lead us.

“He’s lost his seat and his party is being wiped out. He’s lost everything.

“I would like to say nice things about him but his behaviour since he lost is appalling.

 “I could say more but I won’t. He’s festering.”

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