Labour dominant in votes over Conservatives as two main parties face off for Salford Mayoral election second count

By Alex McIntyre
Results from reporters on scene: Ben Burrows & Mary Maguire

Labour candidate Ian Stewart has a dominating lead over the Conservative’s Karen Garrido as the two progress to the second round of the Salford mayoral election.

Mr Stewart is in the driving seat with 20,662 votes (46%) a clear lead over Ms Garrido who has 8055 votes (17%).

With 44,873 votes cast, the Labour hopeful is just 2,500 short of the 50% he needs to win the election.

With such a large margin over his rival, Mr Stewart must be feeling confident that he will be the one to become Salford’s first directly-elected mayor.

The Liberal Democrats secured 4.8% of the vote.

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