Labour pull of suprise off night in Tameside by snatching Hyde Werneth from Tories

By Ben Burrows

Raja Miah pulled off the surprise of the night as he gained the hotly contested Hyde Werneth seat in Tameside.

Cllr Miah was up against incumbent Tory Floyd Paterson and triumphed by 453 votes.

He was delighted to have gained a seat in such a strong Conservative heartland.

“We have proven that we are willing to roll up our sleeves,” he said. “It has been a tough year for Hyde, but all I want is unity.

“I promise to be a councillor for all of Werneth,” he said.

His Council Leader Kieran Quinn was equally thrilled with the result on an overall great night for his party.

“Hyde Werneth have united behind a our councillor and we are immensely proud at the trust they have shown in him and us as Tameside Labour.”

He added: “The victory in Hyde is hugely significant – last time we won there the Tories had been in power for 12 years – this time it only took voters two years to realise they were wrong.

“It has been a great night for Tameside Labour. I am proud that the voters have shown their faith in us in this difficult time. They know that this government does not listen and does not care.”

He added: “Voters know that it will be difficult to move forward with the cuts forced upon us by the government, but I am extremely pleased that the voters know that Tameside Labour do listen and do care.”

Speaking prior to the result Labour Co-op MP for Stalybridge and Hyde John Reynolds said: “A win in Hyde Werneth would be a great statement from the community.

“For a community to come together behind an Asian candidate after the problems it has had with the EDL would be a great achievement for us,” he said.

“It was very close last year – it has been a Conservative seat since 1996.”

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