Liberal Democrats crushed in Bolton by Greens and BNP

By Carrie Smith & Shanna McGoldrick

The Lib Dems were crushed by minority parties in last night’s shock election results in Bolton.

The Greens were the big surprise of the evening, taking more votes than the Lib Dems in nine wards.

And in a shock result in Tonge with the Haulgh, they took home less than half as many votes as the BNP.

The results meant that the Lib Dems lost two seats, leaving them with just three councillors in Bolton.

Despite limited resources which saw the Green Party struggle to dish out leaflets in the 11 wards where they had candidates, general disillusion at the Coalition and spending cuts in the area worked in their favour.

Lib Dem council leader Roger Hayes admitted: “It’s been a difficult campaign.

“It’s always difficult when the government isn’t popular.”

The Greens have marketed themselves as an alternative to voters disappointed by the increasingly similar mainstream parties.

Green Rumworth candidate Alan Johnson said: “The three major parties all subscribe to neoliberal politics – they believe there is only one route to sorting out the economy and that is cuts.

“It’s difficult getting people to break lifelong habits, especially when you’re part of a smaller party, but we live in hope.”

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