Manchester City Council Election 2012 round-up: Red is the colour as Labour sweep Lib Dems away

By Jonathan Humphries, Rebecca Pocklington & Ian Silvera

Red was the colour in last night’s council elections as Labour made it a clean sweep across Manchester City Council’s 36 wards.

It was a long night for the Lib Dems and leader Marc Ramsbottom, who was swept from his City Centre seat by Labour’s Joan Davies.

Other notable Lib Dem casualty was ex-parliamentary candidate Jackie Pearcey in Gorton North

The beleaguered party failed for the second year running to win a single contest, losing 12 seats to Labour.

Last night also saw Manchester reject proposals to introduce a directly elected mayor, which added to Labour’s almost total control of the council.

The yes vote totalled 42,677, but the no’s had it with 48,590 votes.

Council leader Sir Richard Leese, who comfortably won his Crumpsall seat, said: “I think the question you have to ask is does Manchester need to be run in a different way? And there is no evidence to suggest that it should be.”

Sir Richard was not afraid to voice his opinion of the Lib Dems, and said: ““I think the world would be a better place if there were no Liberal Democrat councillors.

“I have no time for them whatsoever, they have no principles, no morals, no politics, nothing – and they lie.”

Marc Ramsbottom said after his defeat: “It’s disappointing – it’s a bad night for the Lib Dems. People have voted on national politics rather than local politics. 

“It’s a shame for Manchester as there will be no real opposition to the Labour Party.”

In a night of few surprises notable results included second place finishes for UKIP’s Dean Roberts in Sharston and Independent candidate Shazia Butt in Cheetham.

Voter turnout was down from last years elections at 25.38%, with 93,760.

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