Milnrow and Newhey’s Labour candidate wins, yet admits he nearly didn’t bother showing up to Rochdale election results

By Jack Drummond, Nic Watmough & Darren Heath

The Labour candidate for Milnrow and Newhey has won, but he nearly didn’t bother to turn up at Rochdale Town Hall.

Allen Brett said he heard about this evening’s power cut, and nearly stayed at home watching television instead.

“I was sat there, watching “House”, when I suddenly got a phone call, asking where I was!” he says.

“So I came down, and I’m glad I did. We’re incredibly pleased with today’s success, and look forward to seeing more.”

But, he says, he’s less than impressed with the day’s turn out. He predicts a slightly higher turn out than last year’s meager 30%, but this still isn’t enough, he says.

“People think this is all flown on national issues, and don’t see any different in the parties. But it’s not, it’s about Rochdale.

We gave out our personal emails and phone calls, and tackled people’s problems personally when we could. And it seems to have worked.”

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