National Front candidate hopes lacklustre Labour win in council elections may ‘spur more radical policies’ for Rochdale

By Jack Drummond, Nic Watmough & Darren Heath

The sole National Front candidate in Rochdale hopes a lacklustre Labour win tonight could spur the major parties into more radical ways of thinking.

Peter Greenwood, for Hopwood Hall, says Labour might not win by as much as they would like, and hopes this might lead them to reconsider their positions.

“At the end of the night, Labour might be wondering why turn out was so low, and why they only scraped a win,” he says.

“They’re seeing more votes for Convervatives than usual, even though this is a traditionally Labour area and the current government is giving Torys a bad name.

“When they are trying to explain why, I hope they start to consider our way of thinking, to try and give the people of Rochdale what they want.”

Mr Greenwood also thinks the recent trials over Asian gangs grooming young girls is not something the National Front should be interested in.

“I don’t think that sort of thing would make me want to vote any differently, and I hope it doesn’t change anybody else’s mind either,” he added.

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