‘No voters are the biggest winners in Salford’, claims English Democrat candidate ahead of Mayoral election result

By Mary Maguire & James Dickenson

The English Democratic candidate for today’s Salford Mayoral election states that the biggest winners will be the people that did not bother to vote.

“The biggest winners here in Salford were the no voters,” Michael Felse said. “It is important to challenge a very strong Labour and council and it was dangerous to have a leading party with no opposition.

“I am surprised by the low turnout – only 26% – just 46,000 out of a possible 170,000 electorate actually voted.

“The reason for this is that politicians are all perceived the same. If Labour do win I hope they will stop and think about just how many people didn’t vote for them.

“There could still be a surprise.”

UKIP’s Salford Mayor candidate Bernard Gill was slightly more optimistic when quizzed over his party’s role in the local elections.

“Generally it went very well, we feel we are now the third party in local elections.”

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