Oldham Council Elections 2012 results: Labour win nine extra seats bringing total to fifteen

By Claire Holden and Gareth Westmorland

Labour dominated in Oldham by winning an additional nine seats and losing none during last night’s local elections, bringing their total number of seats in Oldham up to 15.


Labour overall hold.


33.6% overall turnout for Oldham

37.4% overall turnout for Saddleworth Parish Council



10 Labour gains

5 Labour holds

4 Lib Dem holds

1 Conservative gain


Labour: 43 seats

Lib Dem: 14 seats

Conservative: 2 seats

1 seat is vacant



Dilys Fletcher (Labour) 1100

Martin Dinoff (Liberal Democrats) 447

Raja Iqbal (Conservative) 826


Chadderton Central

Susan Dearden (Labour) 1552

Robert Barnes (Conservative) 596

Pat Lord (Liberal Democrats) 120


Chadderton North

Fazlul Haque (Labour) 1750

Paul Martin (Conservative) 1040

Lee Miah (Liberal Democrats) 150


Chadderton South

Dave Hibbert (Labour) 1481

Eileen Hulme(Conservative) 433

Fazal Rahim (Liberal Democrats) 50




Abdul Jabbaar (Labour) 2742

Harun Miah Conservative 227

Kutub Uddin (Liberal Democrats) 1709



Diane Williamson (Liberal Democrats) 1286

Christopher Henthrod (Conservative) 577

Kenneth Rustige 9Labour) 949




Failsworth East

Stephen Barrow (Liberal Democrats) 283

David Dawson (Labour) 1585

Failsworth West

Warren Bates (UK Independence Party) 723

John Doe (Conservative)

Sean Fielding (Labour) 1323

Ron Wise (Liberal Democrats) 128



Brian Ames (Labour) 1266

James Curley Conservative – 155

Philip Holley (Liberal Democrats) 456

Medlock Vale

Ur-Rehman Ateeque (Labour) 1726

Sean Curley (Conservative) 132

Phil Howarth (Independent) 364

Tahir Iqbal Respect –

Keith Pendlebury (Liberal Democrats) 443

Royton North

Bernard Judge (Labour) 1710

Lewis Quigg (Conservative) 555

Phil Renold (Liberal Democrats) 129

Royton South

Amanda Chadderton (Labour) 1566

Allan Fish (Conservative) 544

Keith Taylor (Liberal Democrats) 134

Saddleworth North

Garth Harkness (Liberal Democrats) 898

Nicola Kirkham (Independent)- 842

Philip Sewell (Conservative) 535

Imran Yousaf (Labour) 445

Saddleworth South

Joseph Fitzpatrick (Labour) 746

John Hudson (Conservative) 1151

Brian Lord (Liberal Democrats) 949


Saddleworth West and Lees

Gerald Ball (Labour) 1002

Pam Byrne (Conservative) 354

Val Sedgwick (Liberal Democrats) 1222

Saddleworth Parish Council

Helen Bishop (Independent) 282

Phil Sewell (Conservative) 190

Sean Fielding (Labour) 238

Derek Heffernan (Lib Dem) 325


Phelyp Bennett (Conservative) 342

James Larkin (Labour) 782

Howard Sykes (Liberal Democrats) 1298

St. James

Neil Allsopp (Conservative) 171

Cath Ball (Labour) 955

Jacqueline Stanton (Liberal Democrats) 763

St. Marys

David Caddick (Conservative) 101

Mohammed Masud (Liberal Democrats) 1559

Miranda Meadowcroft (Green) 144

Arooj Shah (Labour) 2529


Linda Dawson (Liberal Democrats) 977

Vita Price (Labour) 1379


Iqbal Bhatti (Respect) 1067

Kevin Dawson (Liberal Democrats) 116

Fida Hussain (Labour) 2629

Michele Stockton (Conservative) 147

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