Paul Massey’s brother claims ‘it is a change to see him doing something good’, as they await Salford Mayoral results

By Mary Maguire & Alex McIntyre

The ‘proud’ brother of Salford mayoral candidate and ex-convict Paul Massey has spoke of how his brother has changed for the better.

John Massey said: “To be honest Paul has had a bit of bad press but now he has made a change.”

When asked what kind of change he said: “It is a change to see him doing something good.”

However he added: “I would stand a better chance of winning than Paul would. I think Paul just fancied standing for the sake of it. It came out of the blue to be honest.

“I am proud of my brother and that makes a change.”

Paul only arrived at around 12:30 as he had been at a funeral.

He was jailed for 14 years in 1999 for stabbing a man in the groin.

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