Proud Labour candidate clinches local election victory over Tory in Rochdale seat

By Jack Drummond, Nic Watmough & Darren Heath

A staunch Labour candidate is proud to clinch victory over a sitting Conservative in Rochdale.

Peter Joinson took the South Middleton seat with 1375 votes versus a Conservative 1049, in a race that he called ‘truly meaningful’.

“The fact that a straight labour candidate like myself has won shows that people are really starting to see through the Tory system,” he said.

“They’re finally feeling the kick of a party and a government that doesn’t work in their favour.”

But, along with almost all the candidates in Rochdale tonight, he said he was sad to see such a poor percentage of people turning out to vote.

“We’ve done better than last year, but it’s not good enough. I’m trying to bring local politics to people’s doorsteps, where it can make a difference.

“But nobody seems to want to open the door.”

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