Salford Mayoral count: Liberal Democrat Norman Owen defiant in defeat at local elections

Reporters on the scene: Sean-Paul Doran, Mary Maguire, Ben Burrows & Najeeb Rehman

In the wake of the Liberal Democrat’s poor performance in the polls across Greater Manchester, deposed Claremount councillor and Salford mayoral candidate Norman Owen has come out fighting this morning.

Cllr Owen lost the seat he had held since 1999 and doubts have emerged over his political future following last night’s results.

Attacking Labour’s record in government, he said: “You can’t squander £1.2 trillion, leave the country with £358 billion debt and say it is not our fault.

“They’ve been playing on national politics and it’s worked for them here.”

He defended his record in office and said that anyone with a red rosette could have won last night regardless of their policies.

“It took me 11 years to get elected. You tell me what kind of person would take 11 years of rejection just to take a council seat.

“Labour walk up and down as if they own the place but they can’t be bothered to put in the time.

“They present themselves as the working man’s party.

“If I ever stand again I would stand as the flat cap party because I’m working class and I’m proud of my roots.”

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