Salford mayoral election race must jump second hurdle – as count two announced

By Sean-Paul Doran

Salford’s mayoral election has gone to a second count, after candidates failed to gain the necessary 50% needed first time around.

In the Supplementary voting system used by the borough, the votes will go to a second count if a majority has not been reached after the first round.

 The top two candidates then go through to a second round and all the other candidates are eliminated.

This is where the second-choice votes come in to play for people whose first-choices have been eliminated.

Any votes for the remaining two candidates are then added to their first round totals.

The candidate with the most votes at this stage of the count is declared the winner and Salford history will be made as its first democratically-elected mayor is crowned.

Early suggestions at the count suggest that Labour candidate Ian Stewart is the one to watch in this race.

A Labour mayor for Salford would cap off a terrific two days for the party after their success at the local council election polls last night.

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