Tory Tameside candidate who attacked BNP as ‘racist c***s’ continues assault after fourth loss by party

By Matt Jones

A Conservative candidate who slammed the BNP as a ‘bunch of racist c***s’ in Tameside, launched a fresh attack on their politics after being beaten into fourth by the Far Right party last night.

After the results had been announced Matt Holgate, candidate for Droylsden East, seemed more reserved, but still opted to criticise the BNP further.

He said: “It baffles me how the BNP are allowed to be a democratically elected party.

“They can use smoke and mirrors all they want but when it comes down to it their fundamental basis is racism.”

The humiliating loss was indicative of the Conservative’s disastrous evening in Tameside, where they ended up retaining only a single seat, Stalybridge South.

Floyd Paterson, who lost his Werneth seat to Labour in a 700 vote swing, tried to explain the Tories’ comprehensive defeat, acknowledging that ‘Labour have thrown everything at it this year’.

He said: “People view local politics from a national perspective and as a result we have been hurt by the coalition government.”

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