Apprentice urges young people to join ‘revolutionary’ trainee schemes across Greater Manchester

By Helen Le Caplain

A Manchester apprentice is urging other young people to consider joining the ‘Apprentice Revolution’.

Muchano Banda, a Manchester City Council design apprentice, was involved in the campaign which aims to encourage young people to consider an apprenticeship as an option for the future.

She helped to arrange the photo shoot for the campaign’s key picturea bold tableau of real-life apprentices from different professions which will appear on billboards across Manchester.

Muchano, 23, from Withington, said she has always been interested in art and design, but thought that she would be unable to get a job in the field as she didn’t have the relevant university qualifications.

Muchano said: “I’d always enjoyed drawing, making birthday cards for my friends and making things for my house, but because I had chosen different A-levels, I assumed that I would only be able to be creative in my hobbies.”

Apprenticeships, which are now available in industries ranging from aviation to sports development, are increasingly being seen as a viable alternative to university.

Muchano, who will study at Manchester College for one day a week during her one-year apprenticeship, said she is delighted to have found a different way of pursuing further education.

She added: “By getting an apprenticeship, I’m earning money while I get trained and the experience of being in work is totally invaluable.

“My workmates have told me they think that this is a great way for me to start my career and I have a real opportunity to progress.

“I whole-heartedly recommend apprenticeships to other young people.

“If I had known about them when I was 18, I would have gone for it then.”

Within the last year, Manchester City Council has offered apprenticeships to 200 people and is continuing to create more opportunities in a wide variety of roles.

Councillor Sue Murphy, Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council, said: “Young people shouldn’t associate apprenticeships with the tired old clichés about what’s on offer, because they have changed.

“Today’s apprentice isn’t limited to a small selection of roles and can choose from more than 200 different courses in a huge range of industries.

“Apprentices earn while they learn, getting hands-on work experience while developing the specialist skills they need to shape their future career.”

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