Petrified four-year-old boy cried ‘daddy’s killed mummy’ after soldier stabbed girlfriend, Manchester court hears

By Dean Wilkins

A petrified four-year-old boy cried ‘daddy’s killed mummy’ after his father brutally killed his mother in a knife attack, Manchester Crown Court heard today.

Leanne McNuff, 24, was stabbed by former soldier Ian Lowe, a Lance Corporal in the army, at her home in Droylsden last March.

And their son Jaden, who was at the home on the day of the fatal attack, sobbed helplessly as his mother was stabbed through the neck and arm and had her face stamped on, the jury were told.

The court heard how Miss McNuff’s brother Ryan tried to rescue her from her house and when he entered the home Jaden cried out ‘daddy’s killed mummy’.

The relationship between the couple was a tumultuous on-and-off one the court was told and Lowe admits manslaughter but denies muder.

Lowe’s defence claimed that Miss McNuff had been unfaithful in their relationship and she intended to flee Manchester with Jaden after aborting his child.

He also claimed that Miss McNuff had sold a dog that belonged to him and he killed after losing self-control when she came at him with a knife.

The trial, which is expected to last three weeks, continues tomorrow.

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