Salford City Council doubles grit budget in time for winter

By Rebecca Cohen

Salford City Council are ready for the winter, after nearly doubling their budget for grit.

Last December was the coldest in 100 years, with heavy snowfalls affecting many parts of the UK.

This year the council want to keep as many roads moving as possible, and have increased their winter maintenance from £310,000 to £540,000. 

A  Salford City Council spokesman said: “We have increased the amount of grit to ensure we are prepared as much as possible for any severe weather.”

The council will be gritting 350km of road per deployment, and they plan on adding to the 2,750 tonnes of grit they already have in stock, if weather conditions deteriorate.

Last year 3, 530 tonnes of grit was used on the Salford road network.

Residents of Salford, who found themselves affected by the treacherous 2010 weather conditions are thrilled to hear of the budget change.

Sarah Lawton, 24, who has lived in Salford Quays for two years, said: “I am really chuffed with the decision.”

“I’ll definitely feel safer being on the roads knowing that they have been gritted.”  

Lisa-Marie Hoctor, 25, who lives and works in Salford, said: “There is no direct bus from my area of Salford in Lower Broughton to my place of work at Salford Quays so I have to cycle in. 

“Increasing the grit will hopefully mean my journey to work will be a lot safer than last year’s winter journeys which were plagued by black ice and snow.”

Manchester City Council will continue to spend £800,000 on grit, while Trafford and Stockport are the only two authorities to reduce their winter budget.

Rochdale is spending the most, with a £1.1m allowance, with Oldham, who is spending £932,000, coming a close second.

Further details of the routes due to be gritted can be found on

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