Salford’s first elected mayor hails historic day for city

By Sean-Paul Doran

Newly-elected Salford Mayor Ian Stewart delivered an emotional acceptance speech on a historic day for the city.

After being declared the city’s first ever directly-elected mayor in the wake of Manchester’s rejection of process, Labour’s Stewart emphasised the importance of yesterday’s events.

“This is a historic day for the historic city of Salford,” he said.

Stewart beat Conservative rival Karen Garrido by 23,059 votes to 10,071 after a second count and his emotional acceptance speech outlined his plans for his 4-year term.

“As a 6-year-old coming to Salford for the first time I never expected to be stood here today.”

He accepted the need for change in the city and stated his intention of promoting an integrated education system to generate quality jobs at decent wages.

“I have campaigned on a change agenda. That means change to meet people’s needs,” he said.

“We have to have a vision for the future of our city and we have to have a plan and understanding of how we will meet that vision.”

Stewart said his council must be open and transparent with the public and outlined his key aim of ensuring that the people of the city benefit from a positive future.

“We must raise our voice in support of those who have no voice and there must be tears in our voice for those most in need.

“There must be defiance in our voice and we must rage against anyone who promotes hate.”

Speaking the day after Manchester, among other cities, voted against implementing the directly-elected Mayor system, Stewart was, unsurprisingly, in favour of it.

“I do want to see the return of an elected mayor here in Salford for a second term and beyond,” he said.

“I want to thank the people of our great city of Salford for participating in this democratic process no matter who they voted for.”

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