Altrincham man issues rallying cry to Manchester after Oxfam land grabbing protest pressurises government

By Kimberley Richards

An Oxfam campaigner is hoping to get Manchester involved in a protest against a growing global crisis.

Altrincham resident David Llewellyn, who joined Oxfam six months ago, headed to London yesterday to take part in Oxfam’s 70th birthday, which included a protest against land grabbing.

The campaign generated so much national interest yesterday that it became a trending topic on Twitter, something that the campaigners are especially proud of.

Mr Llewellyn said: “After the Oxfam protest in London I am going to take the campaign to the people of Greater Manchester and work with them to put pressure on UK Government.

“If we make our voices heard, we can support farmers in poor countries to have enough land to grow their food- and that everyone has enough to eat.”

Land grabbing is the act of third world countries losing farmland – in some rural areas space the size of Greater Manchester is being lost weekly – and natives are losing out big time, suffering starvation and homelessness.

Foreign companies are majorly responsible for land grabbing, as developed businesses from developed lands ‘grab’ the farmland in Africa, this means that local people, who don’t necessarily have the legal documentation to defend themselves, become homeless.

The launch of Oxfam’s new campaign, which is part of the release of their new report ‘Our Land, Our Lives’ is global, and representatives from major cities throughout Britain were present yesterday to raise awareness.

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