LIVE UPDATES: Dale Cregan murder trial day 20… as it happens

By Chris Higgins

Welcome to day 20 of the Dale Cregan murder trial from Preston Crown Court. MM will be posting live updates throughout the day.

NOTE: This story is being live edited and is being constantly updated. Hit refresh to display live updates.

16:32pm: After a brief look at the call histories of the defendants, the jury is dismissed for the final time. We’ll pick it up from there tomorrow at 10:3oam. 

16:11pm: Just had a short break, we’re back with Cell site analysis now.

15:35pm: We have located the chemist – in Newton Heath. Defence has no more questions for DC Barnes. He is dismissed from the witness stand.

15:26pm: Dixon’s defence is attempting to have DC Barnes locate the chemist referred to in Ward’s interviews, where he was supposed to pick up Cregan.

15:21pm: DC Barnes is being questioned by Dixon’s defence QC regarding the information gathered during the Ward interviews.

15:18pm: Detective Constable Christopher Barnes has entered the witness box. He was one of the interviewing officers in the Ward tapes the jury has just been shown.

15:12pm: Dixon denied all counts he is charged with, but admits taking Cregan to a house in Wales. He also helped move his mother from her home after Cregan contacted him ‘agitated’ and worried they were in danger, on August 8, the court heard.

15:10pm: The prosecution has been reading statements provided by Francis Dixon.

14:58pm: The last comment Det Sgt Eaton recorded from Wilkinson’s cell was: “Tell that John Short ‘there’s plenty more where that came from’.”

14:50pm: Court read things said by Wilkinson while he was in a dry cell at the police station. These include: “Been on it three days. Thought I’d have a bender before handing myself in.” And “I still had the clothes on for two weeks that I had on when I did the job.” Followed quickly by: “I didn’t do it.”

14:45pm Court hears that Wilkinson, when asked if he had anything on him by the arresting officer, replied ‘only two grenades’.

14:40pm A statement read to court from Det Sgt Trevor Eaton reveals words said by Anthony Wilkinson during his arrest.

13:07pm: That concludes the tapes of Jermaine Ward’s interviews, the jury has been sent to lunch, will be back with more coverage then.

13:05pm: Asked why he came to the police with so little information, Ward said: “I’ve told you everything I can, I just don’t want them two on the streets.”

13:00pm: Ward denies this, replying: “After I got out that Fiesta, that’s when my life changed. My life changed forever from then.”

12:59pm: Further distress from Ward as the interviewing officer suggests he was a willing accomplice in the events.

12:54pm: He cries during the interview, telling police how he feared that even if he had managed to get away without being shot, they would go ‘straight to the hospital and kill my brother who’s got cancer’

12:53pm: Ward breaks down in the dock as he watches footage of himself describing to police why he couldn’t run away after the Luke Road incident.

12:48pm: He says: “They said ‘do anything and we’ll kill you. If you try to get out, we’ll kill you.’ If I went and tried to look out the window, they’d kill me.”

12:47pm: Ward is questioned over why he can give so little description of the Yorkshire flat they hid out in for 12 days.

12:31pm: Cregan told Ward he lost his eye ‘on holiday’ in a fight, jury hears.

12:29pm: Jury hears Ward say: “Didn’t seem like a mad one to me, or a gangster or nothing.”

12:28pm: Ward says he had never seen him fight or argue. “Worst I ever seen him say is just like ‘be quiet’ or ‘stop taking the piss’. Just seemed like a reasonable guy.”

12:25pm: When introduced to Cregan, Ward says he seemed like ‘just a good guy, having a laugh’. He said: “Never would have thought he’d do something like that.”

12:15pm Ward met Cregan at a house party for a friend’s birthday. Cregan was taking cocaine and ‘smoking weed’, court hears.

12:10pm: Jury returns to the court to hear the rest of the Ward interviews conducted in late August.

11:55am: Jury sent for a 15 minute break, we’ll be back with more live coverage when they return.

11:50am: Ward was visibly distressed in interview as the officer described David Short’s murder and asked him what he thought Cregan and Wilkinson had done after leaving him in the van.

11:45am: Ward told the police that he had seen Cregan with a large stack of £20 notes while in the flat with them, and he had discussed fleeing to Spain with Wilkinson.

11:31am: Ward claims ‘when they heard sirens they’d mute the telly and just peek through the curtains’.

11:30am: Ward describes the apartment they holed up in after the attacks of August 10. He said: “It was like a dungeon. I could see bits of light coming through the curtains but it was just dark and only the telly was on.”

11:22am: Cregan watched CCTV footage showing a man in a grey track suit firing a weapon into a property, Cregan said: “It jammed!”, Ward tells jury.

11:20am: Court hears as Ward describes Cregan watching the news after the incidents. Says “He was laughing about it, like it were a joke.”

11:07am: Jury hears Ward say in police interview that after that attack on Sharon Hark, Cregan pulled over to get Ice lollies from a shop for him and Wilkinson.

10:56am: Ward says that as they drove away from the scene, Cregan and Wilkinson didn’t say anything about what had just happened, “they was just laughing,” he said. “And slapping hands.”

10:55am: Court hears as Ward admits “cos it was heavy, it must’ve been the grenades, yeah. I don’t know what was in the bag, I just took it.”

10:48am: Ward is questioned over a bag handed to him by Cregan after they got out of a Fiesta at Luke Road. He says it was heavy.

10:38am: Jury are being shown the rest of the footage recorded from Ward’s police interview. Discussing his involvement in the Luke Road incident, the attempted murder of Sharon Hark.

10:32am: Welcome back – the court is now in session in Preston. Mr Justice Holroyde has just recalled the jury and we’re ready to bring you the latest from the Cregan trial.


The trial


Dale Cregan, 29, of no fixed abode, is being tried on two counts of murder. One is of the murder of Mark Short, 23, at The Cotton Tree Pub on May 26 last year. The second is his father David Short, 46, at his Folkestone Road East home on August 10. 


He also faces four counts of attempted murder and causing an explosion by using a hand-grenade.


Leon Atkinson, 35, from Ashton-under-Lyne, Damian Gorman, 37, from Glossop,
Ryan Hadfield, 28, from Droylsden, Matthew James, 33, from Clayton, Luke Livesey, 27, from Hattersley,  are also charged with murdering Mark Short, and three counts of attempted murder of John Collins, Ryan Pridding and Michael Belcher, who were also in The Cotton Tree at the time. All deny the charges.


Francis Dixon, 37, from Stalybridge, Jermaine Ward, 24, and Anthony Wilkinson, 33, from Beswick, are also charged of murdering David Short. They are also charged with Cregan with one count of attempted murder of Sharon Hark in Droylsden later on the same day. All deny the charges


They are also accused of causing an explosion with a hand-grenade. All deny the charge. 


Mohammed Ali, 23, is charged with assisting an offender. He denies the charge. 


Cregan has already pleaded guilty to the murder of police officers PC Nicola Hughes, 23, from Saddleworth, and PC Fiona Bone, 32, from Sale, in Hattersley on September 18 last year.


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