Manchester biscuit factory to make royal wedding cake

By Katie Thistleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton will be treated to a taste of Manchester on their wedding day when they indulge in a cake made by a Stockport biscuit factory.

Mcvitie’s staff have been commissioned to make a biscuit cake which will provide as an alternative to the official wedding cake. Factory workers at the Wellington Road North site found out the exciting news this weekend after it had been kept a closely-guarded secret.

Bob Brightwell, of United biscuits, said: “All of our employees are delighted that we have a special link to the wedding.”

Mcvitie’s have a history of making cakes for the royals, most recently having made the Queen’s diamond wedding anniversary cake in 2007. “We have some retired employees who still remember making her wedding cake in 1947,” said Bob.

The exact details of the cake are still being kept under-wraps. It has been revealed that it will contain around 1,700 McVitie’s Rich Tea Biscuits, a favourite from the Prince’s childhood, and 17 kilogrammes of chocolate.

“It will be decorated with chocolate and our chocolatiers will make it as stylish as possible,” said Bob.

“The small team that are actually making the cake are very excited. This is the first chocolate biscuit cake ever made for a royal wedding and so they feel a bit like pioneers but equally determined to make the best chocolate biscuit cake possible for the event.”

Cake-making isn’t the only preparation for the Royal Wedding going on in Manchester running up to the big date on April 29th. Clubs, bars and restaurants in the centre are putting on special events so that people can celebrate the bank holiday in style.

Casino Manchester235 is hosting ‘A Right Royal Wedding’, an event which aims to mimic the real celebrations.

Berni Thomas, Marketing Assistant of Manchester235 said: “Lots of people are looking for their own way to join in the celebrations locally.”

The event includes cocktails on arrival, a wedding dinner and even a wedding singer. Over 100 people are expected to attend the sit-down meal.

“We are hoping to create a party atmosphere – similar to that of a wedding,” said Berni. “All of the staff are looking forward to the evening. We are giving staff and customers the option to come in fancy dress – wedding themed – so it should be great fun!”

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